U_updesco.gif (161 bytes)PDESCO's strength lies mainly in the multi-disciplinary expertise of its technical manpower. It is in a unique position to view the systems  from  within  and without, and to help its clients adapt themselves to the modern management techniques.

Updesco was set up on the assumption that decision makers and managers in the public system were becoming increasingly aware, not only of the need for getting reliable information about various facts of their organisation, but also about the scope for improving the effectiveness of investment, and quality of services through the introduction of suitably tailored scientific management practices within the broad policy. Updesco was envisaged for this task. The main objectives of Updesco as enumerated in memorandum of association are as follows: 

1.      To build up a reservoir of expertise and experience and render aid and advise for a fee or otherwise to different government departments, agencies, institutions and others in the formulation and implementation of development plans, introduction of modern management practices and collection, processing, storage and retrieval of relevant qualitative and quantitative information.  

2.       To undertake on its own or in collaboration with or through other Organizations, Agencies, Institutes or individual, exploratory, diagnostic, evaluatory, analytical and analytical and techno-economic studies, pilot Action-Research Projects, and surveys pertaining to various projects, sectors, or areas of development.

3.       To undertake and/or assist the preparation of integrated plans and the monitoring of their implementation.

4.       To organise, install, manage and operate data handling and computation services of any description whatsoever independently or in collaboration with others, which in the opinion of the Company, are likely to assist different government departments, organisations, institutions and others.

5.       To promote the dissemination of ideas and techniques relevant to the accelerated and efficient management.


 Updesco’s strength lies mainly in the multi-disciplinary expertise of its technical manpower. It is in a unique position to view the public system from within and without, and to help its clients adapt themselves to the modern management techniques. The operational methodology followed by Updesco involves a continuous involvement of its clients in identifying significant variables, collecting and analysing relevant informational discovering organisational strengths and weaknesses, appraising alternative solutions, and lastly, determining the lines on which action should be taken in respect of various issues.


UPDESCO aims :

  • to foster the development in Developing countries in general and State of Uttar Pradesh in particular through high quality programs.

  • to conduct research and investigate the latest trends in development in order to devise appropriate and effective delivery systems.

  • to devise delivery systems with components of co-operation and participation in diverse activities of development.

  • to provide high quality, service oriented cconsultancy services within the state.



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